WPWR-TV, channel 50, was a former UPN-affiliated television station licensed to Gary, Indiana, and serving the Chicago, Illinois area. WPWR-TV is owned by Fox Television Stations, a division of the News Corporation, and is a sister station to Fox network outlet WFLD-TV (channel 32). The two stations share studio facilities in the Chicago Loop, and WPWR's transmitter is located atop the Willis Tower.

Syndicated Children's ProgrammingEdit

Captain Planet and the Planeteers

Bugs Bunny

Tom and Jerry

Biker Mice from Mars

Sonic the Hedgehog

Popeye the Sailor

The Pink Panther



Darkwing Duck

Goof Troop


Disney's Aladdin, the Series

VR Troopers

Mutant League

Mighty Max

The Jetsons

The Flintstones


Street Sharks

Beast Wars: Transformers


Vor-Tech: Undercover Conversion Squad

G.I. Joe Extreme

Dragon Ball Z


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