Vor-Tech: Undercover Conversion Squad (often referred to as simply Vor-Tech or Vortech) was an animated television series produced by Universal Animation which aired in first run syndication as part of The Power Block. This show also had a toy line.



The VOR-tech undercover conversion squad is a group of secret agents led by Hudson Roarke. Their mission is to stop Lord Matrix, Hudson’s older brother, and his evil Bio Mechs (much like the Phalanx creatures in the X-Men comic titles) from infecting the world with a techo-infectious plague. In their battle with the Bio Mechs, VOR-tech agents use special computer systems with VOR-technology that imbue them and their vehicles with special powers. Similar to M.A.S.K. agents, VOR-tech agents also had special masks and transforming vehicles.


One of the voice actors who did this show was David Sobolov, who played the evil Lord Matrix (alias Damien Roarke), the other voice actor was Michael Donovan, who played Shepard (aka Hudson Roarke), who led VOR-tech.

The other members were (Hardfire), John Payne voiced by Ian Corlett, Thomas Pickett, Scott McNeil (Stinger, the car), Venus Terzo, who voiced (Miranda/FireFly), Pauline Newstone, Dale Wilson, Pauline Gitts, Jim Byrnes (Brad's brother Vance), Linda Boyd, Maine Miller, Colin Murdoch, Christopher Gray, Richard Newman, Mark Heldreth, Chris Turner, Andrea Libman (M.J. Sloan), Lenore Zahn, Saffron Henderson, and Elizabeth Carol Savenkoff (characters: Rick/Ace, Tate/Hacksaw, Mac/Gearhead, Brad/SnakeOil).


Vor-Tech ended on a cliffhanger, having been cancelled when it could not build up a large enough audience for the toyline or series. It would be many years before the concepts seen in either Vor-Tech or M.A.S.K would be seen again in the form of A.T.O.M., an animated series developed by Kenner's eventual owners, Hasbro. A.T.O.M. has since become a successful franchise and series in Europe

Vor-Tech has yet to be released on DVD.

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